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What Makes the 1000 Game Interesting?

Nothing Extra, Just Your Favorite Game

You can fully immerse yourself in the game; we have nothing extra, including intrusive ads.

Simple Rules

The rules, written in simple, accessible language, are easily understood even by beginners.

Play with Real Opponents

You can play with both the computer and real people. Invite your friends and acquaintances to compete in Thousand online!

Play as in Reality

One of the main advantages of the site is that the game is absolutely realistic! Registering to play with a robot (computer) is not necessary.

Game Description

The card game Thousand is a very popular pastime, especially on the vastness of the Internet. It has been around for over a hundred years. It is believed that its predecessor was Kachalka - a card game with rules slightly different from those of Thousand. Modern 1000 emerged thanks to sailors who used it to pass the time during their long voyages.

The number of participants in the duel can vary from two to four. The basic principles of the game depend on the number of players. The most common variant is designed for three participants. This is directly related to the number of cards in the deck. Thousand uses a deck of 24 cards of four suits from nine to ace. Its rules are simple and easy to remember.

The main task of the player is to score 1000 or more points through tricks. During a two-on-two match, the number of points needed to win increases to 2000.

There are several variations of this amusement. They differ in the number of players participating in the match, the strictness of the rules, and the duration of the game.

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Designation and Scoring

Funny conditional designations related to the number of points scored are used in Thousand. A novice needs to familiarize themselves with the terminology of the game.

  • Trump Marriage - king and queen of the same suit. After a participant takes a trick, they can declare a trump marriage. The scoring of the marriage depends on the suit (spades - 40, clubs - 60, diamonds - 80, hearts - 100). Interestingly, all marriages except spades are called "hvalenka" (bragging). Spades are called "gnilyu" (rotten) because you won't earn many points with them.
  • Ace Marriage - one participant having all four aces. It is scored at 200 points.
  • Barrel. When a gamer scores 880 points, they sit on the barrel. The participant on the barrel has three attempts to score the missing 120 points, otherwise, they face a penalty of -120 points. Only one gamer can be on the barrel. If another player also scores 880 points, the predecessor gives way to them. Other options for being on the barrel are discussed by opponents before the start of the match.
  • Bolt - a situation where a gamer does not take any tricks throughout the match.
  • Self-Dump - a situation where a gamer scores 555 or -555 points during the match. In this case, their points are reset.
  • Declaration. If a gamer cannot score the ordered amount, they can declare a declaration. Then the declarer loses the declared amount, and opponents are credited with 50% of it.

Thousand on Our Website

Nowadays, gamers have the opportunity to play Thousand not only in the traditional way, with friends, but also virtually. Live play is exciting, dynamic, extremely interesting, and lively - because it is an online game, like a birthday greeting card brought by the World Wide Web. On our website, you can enjoy your favorite game at any time convenient for you. For beginners, we recommend first studying the rules of the 1000 game, written in simple accessible language. You can play with both the computer and a real opponent. Virtual currency is used in the match, thanks to which the wallets of our users remain untouched. True connoisseurs of Thousand choose our site for the game. 1000cardgame is a real gift that you can give to your family and friends. 1000cardgame is not just animation, a picture, or an impersonal greeting. It is a mini-application for a mobile phone that is created personally for each recipient.