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Card game Thousand - rules

Thousand - a card game of the preference type

Thousand is played by a company of three people. The goal of the game is to score 1000 or more points through tricks. The player who achieves this first is declared the winner.

The game uses a deck consisting of twenty-four cards of four suits.

Each suit has six cards: 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. The cards are evaluated as follows: 9 - 0, Jack - 2, Queen - 3, King - 4, 10 - 10, Ace - 11 points. The total value of all cards in the deck is 120 points. Cards of the same suit are valued at 30 points. In one round, you can score from 0 to 420 points.

In this game, there are card combinations called marriages - it's a king and queen of the same suit or an ace marriage - all four aces. A player who declares one of the marriages earns additional points, and the suit of the declared marriage becomes the trump suit. When declaring an ace marriage, there is no designation of the trump suit.

Value of Marriages

Marriage Value
Spades 40
Clubs 60
Diamonds 80
Hearts 100
Ace Marriage 200

Gameplay and Bidding

Dealing cards is done one at a time. After dealing, each opponent has seven cards in hand and three in the stockpile. Then bidding for the stockpile begins. The player who starts must announce a bid of 100. This means that upon receiving the stockpile, they commit to scoring 100 points in tricks. Subsequent bids are made clockwise. A partner can either increase the bid or pass. Increasing the bid is allowed by at least five points. The player who announces the highest bid gets the stockpile and the right to make the first move. The bid cannot exceed 120 points plus the value of any existing marriage.

In the game of Thousand, reshuffling of cards is possible if: the total value of cards in a player's hand is less than 13 points; a player has more than three nines in hand; a player has four jacks in hand; the total value of cards in the stockpile is less than 6 points; there are two nines in the stockpile; a player receives three jacks in the stockpile.

Игра тысяча правила

If at the initial stage, after receiving the stockpile, the winner of the bidding realizes that they won't be able to score the amount announced during the bidding, they can declare a "rospis" (writing off). In this case, they incur a penalty equal to the bid, and each of the opponents earns half the bid amount as points.

The player who receives the stockpile openly gives one card to each of the opponents. After that, they can increase the bid and make the first move.

Marriage can only be announced on the second move. After any player wins the previous trick, they can announce a marriage by leading with a queen, king, or ace. The player who announces the marriage records on their score the number of points corresponding to the marriage's value, and the suit of that marriage becomes the trump suit. Thus, the trump suit can change four times in one deal. It's possible to lead with one of the marriage cards as the first move, but in this case, you cannot announce the marriage or designate the trump suit. Also, you cannot announce a marriage if any of the cards from it have been discarded previously.

The priority of moves is as follows:

  • In suit;
  • In trump;
  • Any card.

After the opponents have made their moves, the trick goes to the player who played the highest-ranking card, and the move passes to them. After the round, the results of the match are counted. The total score is calculated from the value of the cards taken by the player during the round and the value of the marriages they announced. The partner who ordered the game receives the ordered amount if the order is fulfilled. If the order is not fulfilled, this amount is deducted from their score. Others record on their score the total points earned, rounded according to standard rounding rules to a multiple of five. If a player fails to win any tricks, they receive a "bolt." When the number of bolts reaches 3, they are penalized 120 points.

Игра в карты тысяча правила

The game includes the optional parameter "Dump Truck." If a player accumulates 555 or -555 points, their score is reset to zero.

If one of the opponents scores 880 points or more, they "sit on the barrel," with 880 points credited to their account. In such a situation, in subsequent rounds, amounts less than 120 are not recorded in their score. To reach 1000 points, a participant sitting on the barrel has three attempts. Victory in such a round can be achieved if the participant wins the bidding and subsequently fulfills an order of at least 120 points. If all three attempts are unsuccessful, the participant leaves the barrel and incurs a penalty of 120 points. If the barrel is already occupied and another opponent scores 880 points, the previous occupant yields their place on the barrel and incurs a penalty of 120 points. Two players cannot sit on the barrel simultaneously, so players who accumulate 880 points in one deal immediately receive a penalty of 120 points and fall off the barrel.

Blind Game

Each player with a positive balance and the right to the first move can order a "Blind Game" before the cards are revealed:

  • In this case, the partner playing "blind" undertakes to score 120 points without knowing their cards or the stockpile. Upon a successful outcome, they receive 240 points. Otherwise, 240 points are deducted from their score.
  • All points earned by their opponents are doubled. Points earned for marriages are added to this total without doubling.
  • Earned "bolts" are also doubled.
  • A "Blind Game" can be surpassed by announcing 125 points or more, after which the bidding continues as in a regular game. The cards of the player playing "blind" are revealed for bidding purposes.
  • A player cannot order a "Blind Game" if their score is negative.
  • A player cannot order a "Blind Game" if an opponent is sitting on the barrel.
  • The stockpile is discarded to opponents face down during a "Blind Game" so that players do not know their partners' cards.
  • A "Blind Game" is a parameter that must be selected when creating a game request.

Golden Cone

When choosing the "Golden Cone" parameter, at the beginning of the game, three mandatory rounds are played, in each of which each of the opponents is given the compulsory right to play an order of 120 points in turn:

  • The player playing "Golden Cone" undertakes to score 120 points without seeing their cards or the stockpile. If they score 120 or more points, they receive 240 points to their game score. Otherwise, 240 points are deducted from their score.
  • The stockpile in the Golden Cone is discarded face down.
  • All points earned by other players during the round are doubled, with points earned for marriages added to this total without doubling.
  • Received "bolts" are doubled.
  • The player playing "Golden Cone" can declare the game a loss and surrender. In this case, 240 points are deducted from their score, and opponents receive 120 points each.
  • If none of the partners scores 120 points in all three rounds of the "Golden Cone," all points earned are reset to zero, and the game starts in normal mode.
  • The "Golden Cone" is a customizable parameter selected when creating a game request.

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